Wireless Access Point Solution To Industrial Applications That Require Wireless Connectivity

Mencom Industrial wireless access pointMencom announced their Industrial Wireless Access Point units that provide a reliable, robust, rugged and cost effective solution to industrial applications that require a wireless connectivity.

They are suitable for a wide array of applications and withstand harsh conditions typically found in the harsh manufacturing environment. In addition, a state of the art encryption and the ability to create a virtual network among wireless clients are integrated so that communications between clients can be easily and intuitively controlled while imposing restrictions on data and excluding malware can be done at the same time. Equipped with a powerful 2×2 MIMO Radio interface supporting IEEE 802.11 a,b,g,n, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz selectable bands, built-in DIN-Rail mount, these Wireless Access Points run in multiple modes such as access point (AP) mode, wireless distribution bridge (WDs) mode or access point client operation mode.

Mencom’s Wireless Access Point uses a wireless network manager to ensure the delivery of optimum performance in the network. WPS and Wi-Fi Direct technology options are also available to connect Wi-Fi easier and deliver an industry-wide peer-to-peer solution based on broadly deployed Wi-Fi technologies. These devices are designed to be fully operational between -20 and +60°C.

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Wireless Networks for Industrial AutomationAs commercial and residential networks rapidly go the wireless route, will industrial networks soon follow? This fourth edition discusses the increasingly popular wireless application Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and provides a clear, unbiased view of the emerging wireless communications market.

Author Dick Caro explores wireless communications from the factory and process automation viewpoint to help you make clear decisions on the timing and strategy for implementing wireless networks for automation projects.

According to Caro, residential networks are easily justified using today’s inexpensive wireless components to avoid costly or unsightly wire installations. However, industrial networks face privacy and security concerns and the potential for signal loss in plant environments. Industrial networks must have secure communications that never fails.

The cost of industrial wiring is so high, that wireless can usually be justified. This fourth edition includes a general update of events that have occurred since the previous edition. Most importantly, it includes an extensive analysis of new wireless technology intended for process control, such as ISA100 Wireless (ISA100.11a), WirelessHART, WIA-PA, and Wi-Fi, including IEEE 802.11n and 802.11ac.

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