Embedded Software For The Internet Of Things (IoT) – Basics, Practices And Technologies

Embedded Software for the IoT - The Basics, Best Practices and TechnologiesThe aim of this book is to provide a framework of knowledge on embedded IoT (Internet of Things) software. This will help the reader understanding details of the technologies behind the devices used in the Internet of Things. This is accomplished through a mixture of theory, examples and ‘war-stories’.

This book may is suitable for senior students. However, it is more likely useful for developers with programming experience under Windows, Linux, or mobile phone OS’s, now faced with developing devices for the Internet of Things. Basic programming skills are assumed, whereas no other prior knowledge is required.

Based on many years of experience as developer, university-teacher and manager, the author’s personal view on best practices in the embedded world is offered.

  • Part I introduces the main features of Embedded Operating Systems and modern highly integrated CPU’s. Thus, it builds the foundation for part II.
  • Part II describes the authors view on best practices when working with embedded networking.
  • Part III – on Internet Protocols, Digital Filters, Security and Statistical Process Control – is the main ‘textbook’. It provides a lot of facts, backed up by examples. The many network cases are illustrated with the help of WireShark Captures. The ‘Math-Near’ chapters are focused on helping the reader understand the basics, without getting lost in formulas (although the main formulas are included for reference).

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