Brushless DC Motor Controller With CANopen Interface

Data Device Corporation MC-5000 - Brushless DC Motor Controller With CANopen InterfaceData Device Corporation (DDC) introduced their MC-5000 digital signal processing-based series of programmable, turnkey motor controllers. They are designed to control the position, torque, and speed of 3-phase BLDC (Brushless DC) motors.

The motor controller series provides a 80 V/ 30 A-rated power density and operates over an extended -40 °C to +105 °C temperature range. It is available in configurations to support motors that utilize a Hall sensor for torque and speed control, or absolute PWM and incremental encoder feedback for position control. The device is fully configurable through the provided CANopen control interface. Additionally it can be programmed, via a Graphical User Interface, enabling it to deliver optimal motor performance with a variety of brushless DC motors and loads.

The series combines control and power amplification into a single solution, minimizing output losses and eliminating the need for a second printed circuit board and interface. The products upports driving and braking in both directions. The precision motion control performance makes it a solution for single axis, point-of-load industrial applications. This includes: pump control, electric actuators, electric valve control, fuel pumps, industrial robotics, antenna/camera position control, unmanned vehicle electric drives and thrusters, autonomous guided vehicles, and medical diagnostics control.

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