Battery Management And Communication Via CAN Bus

Eberspaecher Vecture Scalable battery modulesEberspaecher Vecture (Canada) presented its latest solutions for battery management systems (BMS). This includes battery modules and their controllers from the scalable µC BMS family.

The introduced BMS is µC-based. The Provider has developed an entire controller family covering a range of applications. The BMS monitors and controls between four and 22 cells. The batteries’ conduction paths can be opened and closed using on-board field effect transistors (FETs) and on-board or external contactors. This enables charging and discharging currents to be controlled. Depending on the controller chosen from the product family, communications between batteries and the BMS run via Classical CAN, I/O interfaces, or wirelessly via Bluetooth LE.

The company also presented its 7-kWh battery module. It is scalable from 12 V to 48 V. It needs no peripherals, and can be built into a variety of different vehicles. This means the battery module is suitable for recreational vehicles with independent power supply for example.

Typical Applications

  • Medical (Infusion Pumps, O2 Concentrators, Cardiac, Orthopedics)
  • Military (Radios, Portable Battery Backpack)
  • Industrial (Drones, Robotics)

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A Comprehensible Guide to Controller Area NetworkA Comprehensible Guide to Controller Area Network by Wilfried Voss represents the most thoroughly researched and most complete work on CAN available in the marketplace. Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial network technology that was originally designed for the automotive industry, especially for European cars, but has also become a popular bus in industrial automation as well as other applications.

The CAN bus is primarily used in embedded systems, and as its name implies, is a network technology that provides fast communication among microcontrollers up to real-time requirements, eliminating the need for the much more expensive and complex technology of a Dual-Ported RAM. This book provides complete information on all CAN features and aspects combined with a high level of readability.

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